An Internet domain name is a unique name of an organization or person on the Internet.They provide a human-readable address for any web server available on the Internet.Any Internet-connected computer can be reached through a public IP address, either an IPv4 address (e.g. or an IPv6 address (e.g., 2027:0da8:8b73:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:1337).Computers can handle such addresses easily, but people have a hard time finding out who’s running the server or what service the website offers. IP addresses are hard to remember and might change over time.To solve all those problems we use human-readable addresses called domain names. It is a matter of fact that a good web hosting service can be time and money taking. The average cost for web hosting services can range between 0.99$ – 999$ on monthly basis. Therefore, we are going to provide you with the top ten web hosting services that can be used according to your own situation and requirements. The usage of web hosting service depends upon a lot of factors including uptime, performance, and speed etc. In this scenario, following is the list of top ten web hosting services according to mentioned criteria so that the decision of choosing the best web hosting service for your needs can be easier:
When a user types a domain name into the URL bar of an internet browser, it sends a request to the Domain Name System (DNS), which is a global network of servers. When these servers receive your request, they search for the name servers that are associated with the domain name and forward the request to those name servers. Your website hosting company manages your name servers. So, if your website is hosted on a hosting company , the company will then forward the request to the computer where your website files are stored. This computer is called the web server. The web server then gathers the requested website and sends it back to the browser so the user can view it.

The Best Web Domain Companies

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